Shubhadarshini Jyothishalayam

“Anyone can be a millionaire, but to become a billionaire you need an astrologer”

Dr. Ramani Shrinivas

Our astrologer Dr. Ramani Shrinivas is known to make accurate predictions and provides positive results on the obstacles of everyday life. Dr. Ramani Shrinivas has years of experience and has been practicing astrology since a very young age. Dr. Ramani Shrinivas is a renowned astrologer who offers astrology consulting services for all astrological problems, such as business problems, personal problems, family problems, or any other problem. Dr. Ramani Shrinivas has got a Gold Medalist in best Counseling Award from Colombo, Srilanka. He was completed Astro. Ph.D. in Omkareshwar University, Madhya Pradesh, Jyothisha Vidya Visharada by J.V.V.S., Hyderabad.


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